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The Titan Mindset

You spend your time in the gym for a number of reasons, to better yourself, to push your limits, increase discipline and have an overall sense of confidence. Sculpting your body in the gym is one of the most satisfying journeys, because your only competition is yourself and striving for an improved physique is so rewarding.

Whilst your physique might be a constant work in progress, you learn to appreciate the process and look great because of your dedication. Clothing has the ability to reward your time in the gym through a great fit, and thankfully there’s always been plenty of options when it comes to gym gear, active wear and casual clothes. But when it comes to button-down shirts, you were out of luck.

Constantly having to struggle with sizing, you were left to compromise between a button-down shirt that is tight through the chest or loose through the waist.

All things combined, your work in the gym isn’t rewarded at formal events or nights out, and in fact seems like a waste of time because of ill-fitting button-down shirts.

We understand how it feels to work so hard in the gym, only to find it hard finding shirts that fit. Nobody who dedicates themselves to the gym should have to make sacrifices when it comes to shirts.

How It Started

Started by a team who has nearly a decade of experience making button-down shirts, Tailored Titans uses that experience and combines it with a lifelong love for fitness.

Born out of the need for the solution itself, our team struggled fitting into standard button-down shirts whilst bulking and putting on muscle. What we found was a very limited amount of options for button-down shirts, and no real solution that catered to gym goes of all sizes.

Tailored Titans seeks to solve the constant struggle that all bodybuilders and gym goers face when they dedicate themselves to improving their physique.

The Solution

Having experienced this pain, our team set out to solve the problem once and for all. The result is what you see today, a collection of premium button-down shirts that are custom made for your physique, no matter what you’re lifting.

The custom fit model means that you could be forever bulking, cutting for competition or anywhere in between, we’ve got the fit for you.

It doesn’t stop there. Knowing that we’re also all built differently overall, we make your button-down shirt perfect for you, whether it be the length for your height or your sleeves.

The Logo:

Becoming one of the Titans represents all that is strength and sacrifice.

The logo represents all of these aspects, with a combination of a sword, helmet and shield.

Tailored Titans - Logo

Ready to become #OneOfTheTitans? Start by choosing your favourite style shirt from our Collection.

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