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You work hard in the gym, so you shouldn't settle for shirts that don't fit you well.

We have developed simple sizing options that will make sure that your Tailored Titans shirt fits you perfectly.

How to Get Your Size:

Simply select from the 7 available sizing options once you've chosen your shirt.

An example of the available options is below:

Tailored Titans Sizing Options

How to Answer Each Option:

Each option has been explained below:

How Tall Are You? - As simple as selecting your height.

What's Your Chest Size? - Selecting how big your chest is. You can choose to either use the sizing guide labels on each option (S-5XL), use your suit jacket size or measure your chest circumference.

What's Your Waist (Pants) Size? - As simple as selecting the size of pants that you usually wear. In between sizes for different brands? Choose the most common size.

How Big Are Your Biceps? - Simply measure the peak of your bicep whilst tensing.

Given Your Height, Would You Say Your Arms Are - Simply select whether your arms are Short, Average or Long in length based on your height.

Given Your Build, Would You Say Your Neck Is - Simply select whether your neck is narrow, average or thick in circumference based on your build.

What Kind of Fit Would You Like? - Depending on how you like your shirts to fit, you can choose a tighter (Slim) or a looser (Standard) fit. Choose Tailored for a happy medium.

Sized For You:

Whether you're forever bulking or preparing for the day you get your Pro card, we've got the fit for you.

No more overly tight chest or baggy torso.

Be rewarded by your time in the gym, and become #OneOfTheTitans

Next Steps:

You're now ready to choose your Tailored Titans custom fitting shirt.

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