The Corporate World When You’re a Bodybuilder

The Alternate Life of an Athlete

As a bodybuilder, you’ll likely spend a serious amount of time lifting weights and working on, what is, a genuine passion for perfecting your physique. If you’re a professional, you may already make a living out of this ongoing tough grind. However, most bodybuilders have other aspirations and dreams they’d like to complete during their lifetime. Many will have the talent and know-how to shine in the corporate world. But how can you truly fit in and look the part when your arms are like tree trunks?

Corporate Dressing—A Balancing Act

Today’s corporate world has seen a shift in dress code. Gone is the ultra-formal suit-and-tie look which characterised many big companies of the past. Workplaces are, instead, lessening the hold they have on employees’ attire, giving more freedom for personality. However, this does not mean turning up in your Sunday afternoon lounging clothes. You still need to make the right impression; just do it in a way that brings out the best you. This is excellent news for bodybuilders who may struggle to find well-fitted formal wear. Let’s have a look at the must-have corporate clothing for men with muscle.

The Power of a Well-Fitted Shirt

If there’s one part of corporate dressing that remains as significant as ever, it’s a classy shirt. Whether your office is fairly laid back and casual or takes a more formal approach to dress code; a smart, nicely sized shirt works wonders in all settings. Every corporate worker’s wardrobe should contain at least a few to go with their jackets, blazers, chinos or formal pants. As a bodybuilder, a shirt is a true attention-grabber and shows off a muscular physique perfectly—but only if it fits. The price that most bodybuilders pay for being so big is the inability to find clothes that fit well. So, how do we overcome this?

Become a Titan

Tailored Titans is a bodybuilder’s dream. Every shirt is individually made to fit perfectly. Answer a handful of simple questions about your size, and the highly experienced team will custom-make a shirt that fits flawlessly. Your chest and arms will no longer be having the life squeezed out of them and you’ll be able to move freely instead of being held captive by the fabric. The superb choice of styles and colours means there’s something for everyone; from the traditionally formal-looking style of ‘The Blade’ to the utterly trendy design of ‘The Titanic’. Tailored Titans is the place where big guys find shirts.

The Blade & Titanic Shirt - Shirts For Bodybuilders

Completing the Look

Once you’ve chosen your tailor-made shirts, it’s time to ensure the overall look is corporate-world worthy. You should have an individuality about the way you look at work and not just turn up as Mr Average.

The next item on the list is a well-fitted jacket. You’ll need something to put over these wonderful shirts, with the exact style dependent on your place of work. Go for something unique yet not over-the-top flashy.

The fit of your trouser is every bit as important as your top half. If you have super-sized legs, you may again struggle to find a good fit from a normal store. Opting for a tailor-made selection will safeguard against overly tight pants and make moving around far more comfortable.

Shoes get more attention than you may think, and should, therefore, be maintained by regular cleaning and polishing. A good rule of thumb for a coordinated look is making sure the colour of your shoes matches your belt. Likewise, having the same sock and trouser colour is also a winner.

Ali Raza - The Shadow Shirt & Outfit Choice

Dress for Success

Dressing for the workplace is not always straightforward for a bodybuilder, and it might take some time to perfect your image. Maybe it seems like you’re at a disadvantage having to buy custom-fitted clothes, but once you get it right, all the hard work at the gym will show through convincingly. You can continue to bulk all you want if teams like Tailored Titans are around pushing you onward.

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