Being the Biggest and Best Dressed at the Party – Shirts for Bodybuilders

Be the Champ, Not a Chump

As another gruelling week nears its end, you look forward to escapism. The hard grind from work and the crazy gym sessions have left your battery down and in need of a fix. That party, which has been long in the coming, is finally here and you intend to enjoy it to the max. But, before you turn up with a drink in hand, you’ll need to look the part. Your mighty frame may give you a standout look—make sure it’s for the right reason. The sad fact is many bodybuilders get fashion wrong, and it’s often due to a badly fitted shirt.

The Truth About Muscular Men and Clothes

If you’ve worked extremely hard on building up muscle and now find it a struggle to find regular clothes that fit, well done—it means you’ve surpassed the normal expectation of muscle growth. But this is where things get tricky. How can you turn up to a party without looking like your shirt buttons are about to pop, or your gigantic triceps will shred your sleeves any second? And when you look down, you notice that amazingly trim midsection is lost in a sea of fabric. It’s not surprising that bodybuilders struggle for clothes—they were not designed for your dimensions.

Why You Must Get the Shirt Right

A quality shirt is often the centrepiece of a stylish party guise. It goes well with most trousers, blazers and suits and will fit right into any occasion. Which means it doesn’t matter if the party is for significant clientele, a Christmas gathering or a friend’s 40th bash; get the shirt right and your look is halfway there. Correct fitting of a shirt is massive for a final, polished result; and if you’ve got an awesome bodybuilding physique to go with it, heads will turn. But achieving a perfect fit requires skill—thankfully you can leave it to the experts.

The Simple Way to a Flawless Fit

Tailored Titans take all the stress out of finding shirts for bodybuilders. No matter how big you are, you’ll be heading to that party with a picture-perfect appearance that will do your physique justice. All you need to do is choose your shirt and answer some simple size related questions. Leave the rest to the team, and you’ll soon have a custom-made shirt that not only fits perfectly but will be comfortable to wear throughout the night.

A Selection for Anyone

The range of shirts available has been meticulously thought-out with all occasions in mind, meaning this is your one-stop-shop for shirts—a bodybuilder’s wardrobe-filler for life. The assortment you’ll find will have you covered for work, business meetings, weddings and, of course, parties. Here are just a few of the shirts to discover from Tailored Titans:

The Blade will be at home in any wardrobe. The pale blue makes it one of the most versatile shirts around, so you can wear it with a suit at work or on the weekend to all kinds of parties.

The Blade - Shirt For Bodybuilders


The Myth gets its name from the belief that it takes a certain amount of bravery for a man to wear pink. The reality is that you’ll not want to stop wearing this once you’ve tried it. It’s a colour that’s on the rise and will dazzle on men with muscle.

The Myth - Shirt For Bodybuilders


The navy and white combination of The Titanic is a true party shirt. The thorough, in-depth design will put you in the spotlight when the music starts and the drinks are flowing. And, as with all the shirts, a terrific stretch means you’ll feel good all night.

The Titanic - Shirt For Bodybuilders


Acquiring your shirts from Tailored Titans gives you complete peace-of-mind and will have you heading towards any party with absolute confidence. You’ll look stylish and well proportioned—the only dilemma will be deciding which shirts to pick.

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