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The Sandow
The Sandow
The Sandow
The Sandow
The Sandow

The Sandow

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$ 99.00 AUD

The Sandow speaks for itself, with its premium white stretch cotton and contrasting Tailored Titans sword.

Paying homage to the father of modern bodybuilding, this shirt is designed to be your wardrobe staple that can be worn anywhere. Choose to wear it out on a Friday or Saturday night with jeans or a suit and tie during the week if you’re working in the office - It’s at home in any situation.

As with all our shirts, the stretch in this fabric makes sure you can enjoy your desired fit and you’re not left with uncomfortable tightness.

How to Get Your Size: Each shirt is built for you, simply select from the available options such as height and chest size to become #OneOfTheTitans.

All of our shirts are backed by our Titan Fit Guarantee. If your first shirt doesn’t fit right, we will make it right for free.

Selecting the correct options for you:

How Tall Are You? - Plain and simple, select your height here for the perfect shirt length.

What's Your Chest Size? - One of the most important for a perfect fit. Simply select an available size (S-5XL), use your suit jacket size or measure your chest circumference.

How Big Are Your Biceps? - Simply measure the peak of your bicep whilst tensing for a perfect fit on your arms.

Given Your Height, Would You Say Your Arms Are - Simply select whether your arms are Short, Average or Long in length based on your height for the perfect sleeve length.

Given Your Build, Would You Say Your Neck Is - Simply select whether your neck is narrow, average or think in circumference based on your build for the perfect neck/collar size.

What Kind of Fit Would You Like? - Depending on how you like your shirts to fit, you can choose a tighter (Slim) or a looser (Standard) fit. Choose Tailored for a happy medium.

See Find Your Size for more details on how to answer all sizing options.

Fabric: Premium White Stretch - 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane