Wedding Attire For Bodybuilders & Avid Gym Goers

Dressing for the Big Occasion

Perhaps you’ve just received an invite through the post; clutching it with eager hands you picture champagne glasses, stylish décor and joyful chatter. You can’t wait to greet the loving couple on their momentous day. Then you look down at the hulking chest, arms and legs in front of you and a wave of panic sets in. Same problem, different event. How on earth will you find wedding clothes that fit?

Why Bodybuilders & Avid Gym Goers Struggle With Clothes

Most off-the-rack clothing is understandably designed for an average person. The frame of a normally built male is straightforward to accommodate when it comes to clothes. But this is where most heavily developed bodybuilders struggle. A typical male will not differ much in size from their chest down to the waist, or from the quads down to their calves. Muscular men have a recognisably large upper body with a narrow midsection. This makes finding clothes—especially wedding suits, shirts and trousers—tricky at best.

Determine the Type of Wedding

Before we focus on what to wear, it’ll help if you have an idea of the dress code required for the wedding. They range from the super-formal white tie events, right down to beach weddings or more casual occasions. White and black tie weddings will require full tailcoats or tuxedoes, whereas a formal beach or cocktail wedding will need a suit. Dressy casual or casual affairs may not require a suit, but instead, you can go with a nice shirt and blazer, trousers or chinos. Be sure to check out the dress code before hitting the shops.

Steve Tavarez - Weddings Attire For Bodybuilders

Steve Tavarez - Wearing "The Dragon" Custom Muscle Fit Shirt

The Clothes

For the sake of this discussion, we’ll assume you're attending a fairly smart event, like a cocktail or formal beach wedding. You’ll need a well-fitted suit—this is where things get a bit complicated for a bodybuilder. It’s highly likely that you’ll need an adjustment to your jacket. If you’re going for an off-the-rack suit, make sure it at least fits the shoulders—a later adjustment may prove tricky. Tailored suits may be the best option, especially if you’re colossal.

You’ll likely face similar issues with the suit trouser. Due to having massive thighs, your lower legs will look lost in the material. Again, a custom fit may be the way to go if you want to show off the full range of your powerful legs without your quads looking like they’ll split the trousers.

Complete the Look With a Tailored Titans Shirt

One key area you mustn’t neglect is having a perfectly fitted and nicely designed shirt to finish the look. This is another area that fills many bodybuilders with dread. Most trips to a local store fail as they try to squeeze their giant frame into the small confines of a regular shirt. Luckily, the stress of finding the perfect shirt can be taken away completely by leaving the task to Tailored Titans. The range of designs available will leave you oozing with confidence on the big day. For an ideal wedding appearance, the ultra-premium look and feel of “The Dragon” will work wonders. This white shirt will accompany your suit superbly. Or, if the wedding theme requires an alternative colour, why not try “The Myth” or “The Wolf”, which give the familiar, comfortable stretch of a Tailored Titans shirt, but also bring a standout, unique quality.  After passing on a few simple details about your size you’ll receive a perfect custom-made shirt to complement any suit. You can then truly look forward to enjoying the memorable day.

Steve Tavarez - The Dragon Shirt Bodybuilding Wedding Attire

Steve Tavarez - Wearing "The Dragon" Custom Muscle Fit Shirt

Prepare Early

It may seem like a mountain of work to get you wedding-ready, and in many ways, you’ll have more of a job than the average man; but as long as you know and take action in good time, you’ll be more than prepared. Finding the right people to help, like Tailored Titans, will take away any difficulty of unearthing that picture-perfect wedding appearance. And with an impeccably fitted suit and shirt, you’ll have the ideal platform to showcase your striking physique. Just be sure not to outshine the groom.

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