Fashion Tips for Bodybuilders

Clothes for Muscular Men

Having a colossal physique ought to fill a man with supreme confidence day after day, and in many ways it does. Others will gaze in awe at how you’ve sculpted your body into the chiselled wonder it is. And your frame will look mighty when curling dumbbells in a vest top at the gym.

But what happens when you step into the real world; out in the street, shopping mall or office—in high-street clothing designed for Mr Average-Build? The results are often not pretty, as your beautifully carved body is lost in limbo. Muscular men have it tough when it comes to clothes fitting. Here are some essential tips for those with mountain-framed bodies.

Avoid the Bright and Go Natural

Your towering build will already have you standing out from the crowd; no need to magnify this by donning intensely dazzling garments, which practically scream out to onlookers. Instead, lower the volume and use plenty of natural, subdued colours like brown, olive and navy.

Your physique will not be compromised, and it’ll be far easier on the eye for others to digest. You’ll want to appear strong, attractive and welcoming; not a threatening, unapproachable menace, full of bravado.

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Say No to Thick Layers

As the outside temperature plummets during the winter months, it’s tempting to raid the wardrobe and pull out the large woolly sweaters. Avoid this urge. While you must guard against the cold, wearing thick layers will make you look big, though not in a desirable manner.

Instead, opt for thinner layers such as long-sleeved tops and shirts, adding a few tiers if needed. This will display more detail and muscle definition.

Befriend a Tailor

Be sure to be on a first-name basis with a good, trustworthy tailor—you’ll be needing regular visits. Either acquire fully custom-made outfits or buy off the shelf clothes that can be altered.

Determine frequent obstacles and your tailor will assist you in finding a faultless fit. Common problem areas for bodybuilders tend to be chest, shoulders and legs. Having a reliable needleworker lets you focus on bodybuilding without worrying about outgrowing your wardrobe.

Finding a well-fitted shirt tends to be a huge sticking point for most big men. If this sounds familiar, Tailored Titans’ range of custom-made shirts is an obvious solution. Answer some simple questions, choose a style, and a high-quality, immaculately fitted shirt will be on its way.

Discover Your Brand

While most clothes outlets will not give any thought to gargantuan bodybuilders; if you have the patience and tenacity to look around, you may find some brands going against the norm and providing a good fit.

If your luck is in, continue to experiment with the brand—their sizing could be a match made in heaven for your physique.

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Scale Down on Size

Perhaps a surprising tip, given that you’re struggling to fit into clothes. But this works well if you’ve found a first-rate tailor. A common pain point for a bodybuilder is to constantly find clothes that are too baggy in certain areas, resulting in an unflattering look for an athletic physique.

By shifting down a size, you’ll get a snuggly fitted garment, which can be altered in spots that are too tight. If done correctly, the result will be a well-proportioned piece of clothing.

Look Good and Keep Your Muscle

The take away from this is that massively built men can still be fashionable. Yes, you’ll need slightly more work than the average guy, but if you’ve made it in the world of bodybuilding, getting your fashion on track should be a walk in the park—if you follow the advice.

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